Proteza przedłużenie na penisa na szelkach czarne

Proteza przedłużenie na penisa na szelkach czarne



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The perfect penis upgrade! The penis will be extended by a terrific 5.5 cm and will be a striking 1.4 cm thick. This sleeve feels extremely realistic and also looks very appealing because of its pink glans and slight veins. The testicle hole makes sure that the sleeve doesn’t slip. The partner is then also invited to give the testicles some special attention. The waist strap is adjustable and removable.The strap between the buttocks also helps the sleeve to stay in place and it is very stretchy and removable. Perfect for anyone who want’s to have a bit more! Complete length 19.5 cm, insertion depth 14 cm, inner Ø 3.2 cm, outer Ø 4.3 cm, waist circumference max. 144 cm. Silicone; waist strap: polypropylene, polyester, spandex, metal.


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